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Existence is a stage on which we pass.....

Sid the Squid
8 October
After a long time spent camping in LJ-land, it became obvious that eventually I would strike out on my own. With a job involving a lot of travel up and down the country, LJ became a great place to keep touch with friends, review my thoughts and feelings when I was sat on my own in a hotel room, and (naturally) regaling the world with tales of cranky showers and bizarre decor....

Things never quite go as you expect them to, so its out of the family home, out of an area I've lived in for most of my life - and off to somewhere new, but somewhere familiar at the same time. A path documented by the past words on the pages of this Journal. Who knows what words are yet to come....

Oh...and I'm 50 (aaarrgghh) :-(( male, Midlander by origin, but a Man of Kent by choice now, with all my own hair and most of my own teeth.

I'm not sure this constitutes that "more meaningful" background I promised at the beginning of my LJ career, but at least I've revised it a little.....and little by little, more of the person is revealed maybe....

One piece of quite specific information for the hordes of people who regularly beat down the door to my LJ wanting to sign up as friends....I'm not now or at any time in the future adding anyoone else. Thats not a reflection on the no-doubt thousands of pleasant and interesting people here in LJ-land. Its just that I have no desire to interact with anybody else here. There's a reason for the three names I do have listed, and that reason wouldnt apply to anyone new. I appreciate the comments and relationship I have, and its a nice little social group I have here. My reason for establishing the LJ in the first place was a means to resume something I always used to do, but in a new and high-tech setting - ie document my views and experiences in life, for good or ill - and also to share what I can in one particular friends story. Periodically I think I would be better off not writing here at all....but the draw is surprisingly powerful :-)

Childlike Faith in Childhood's End (Peter Hammill)

"Existence is a stage on which we pass,
a sleepwalk trick for mind and heart;
it's hopeless, I know, but onward I must go
and try to make a start
at seeing something more
than day to day survival, chased by final death.
if I believed this the sum of the life to which we've come,
I wouldn't waste my breath.

Somehow, there must be more......

Over the Hill (Van der Graaf Generator)

"There's no choice here to make, there's no easier decision
than to stand up, stand straight and to give it a try
and there's no time for hesitation as the stations of our lives are passing by.
Heads up and face front as brother to brother,
time to come to the call if we're true to how we are
because at last and after all we've given each other our words.
if we live out our lives as though God's sat on our shoulders,
if we give of our best and then give some more still
press on, with no pause for breath,
then we'll see each other over the hill...."


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